The most expensive currency in the world

The Kuwaiti dinar is the most expensive currency in the world. The dinar exchange rate is about $ 3.31 against the US dollar. The Kuwaiti dinar has its international strength because of its support related to Kuwait’s production of crude oil. Kuwait is one of the most important exporters of petroleum derivatives to most of the world.

About Kuwait

Kuwait is officially recognized as the State of Kuwait; it is an Arab country located in Asia. It is bordered by Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf, with a geographical area of 17,818 km2. Kuwait has nine small islands.


The estimated population of Kuwait is approximately 2,832,776 people, the Kuwaiti population is 31.3%, the Arab immigrants constitute 27.9%, the remaining percentages are distributed among the Asian population by 37.8%, and the countries (1.9%). Arabic is the official language in Kuwait, with the use of English in the fields of employment and education.


The oil produced by the economy sector in Kuwait accounts for 6% of the total world oil reserves. The estimated studies indicate that the rate of Kuwaiti oil production will increase by 4 million barrels per day by 2020. Oil production also accounts for 94% of GDP, The investment sector, especially the business sector, is one of the important means of supporting the Kuwaiti economy.


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