The death of a well-known Saudi poet on his birthday

The death of a well-known Saudi poet on his birthday

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The well-known Saudi poet, Hijab bin Nahit

On his 74th birthday, the well-known Saudi poet, Hijab bin Nehit, died after suffering from a medical ailment. He was followed by intensive care at a Riyadh hospital.

The daughter of the poet, Munira Hijab Bent Nhit, her father, saying through Twitter, on Sunday:We ask Allaah to grant him mercy and forgiveness, as we ask Him to grant him His mercy, to dwell in His spaciousness and to make His home in paradise with the prophets, the righteous, the martyrs, the righteous and the good companions. “

The son of the late, a poet, Abdullah bin Hijab, also mourned his father, saying through his account in Twitter: “May God have mercy on my father Hijab bin Nahit, and I will dwell in his paradise.

The doctors had isolated Ibn Nahit and prevented him from visiting after his health worsened after suffering from acute pneumonia.

Born on August 26, 1944, in the city of Al-Fawara in the Qassim region, he began to organize poetry early in his life. His father took him from his mother after their separation as a child. He returned at the age of 8. Refining his poetics.

Starred in the sixties of the last century, and was known to be one of the most prominent contemporary poets of the era in Saudi Arabia.

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