A proposal to pursue “charlatans” in Moscow


Proposal to pursue

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A Moscow lawmaker proposed a black list of all the “charlatan magicians” as well as an official union of “legitimate magicians.”

The new proposal was first made by State Prosecutor Anton Pavlyev, who stressed the need to establish an independent federation of sorcerers, in order to differentiate between the liars and the legitimate ones. The names of the parties should be published on the website of the supposed union.

The MP pointed out that the establishment of the “witch union” has become necessary because of their good numbers in Moscow, and in Russia in general. But at the same time, experts question the possibility of separating the false magician from the professional magician.

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Pavliev also aims to organize and control the work of magicians in Moscow, whose many foreign activities raise questions and urgent questions.

At the end of his proposal, the MP expressed “the importance of establishing the new union, with the efforts and initiative of the witches themselves,” while many witches avoid engaging in organized union, fearing restrictions on their activities and methods of deception.

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