3 mysterious crimes occupy the Egyptian street


3 mysterious crimes occupy the Egyptian street


                    Mohamed Abd El Ghany

Egyptian police

A series of horrific crimes shook Egypt in one week, beginning with the discovery of the bodies of two newborn babies in a garbage can, inside plastic bags.

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Egyptian police

The cleaning worker found the babies and informed the police, which in turn went to the scene of the crime, that they had no apparent injuries, and the detectives kept the surveillance cameras in the area to find out the circumstances of the incident.

Two days after the incident, a tragic crime took place in Helwan, Cairo, after the security services found two bodies of a man and his wife just two days after their marriage. They died inside their apartment in mysterious circumstances.

The Egyptian police received a statement from the father of the husband stating that the body of his son and his wife had been found dead inside their apartment. The Egyptian police were intensifying their efforts to uncover the mystery of the incident and to ascertain whether there was a criminal suspicion in the incident.

In another tragic crime, a peasant was stripped of human feelings and his uncle was killed and buried inside his home in Assiut Governorate in Upper Egypt.

Police confirmed that a fight broke out between the victim and his nephew's son, due to drug pills.

Source: Egyptian media

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