“Honeymoon Curse” that ended the royal marriages, most notably Prince Charles and Princess Diana!


Getting a honeymoon is one of the most important steps taken by the couple at the beginning of their married life, enjoying the comfort of the best places around the world.

But for the British royal family, it may seem a bit different after it has been proved that there is a specific “cursed” destination, all of which ended with divorce.

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Kate Middleton

Four royal couples chose to spend their honeymoon on the Royal Britannia yacht – Princess Anne, Captain Mark Phillips, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong Jones, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. All these marriages unfortunately ended in divorce.

In contrast, all couples who have chosen different destinations during the honeymoon are still together today.

The first couple to use the royal yacht were Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong Jones in 1960, when they embarked on a six-week cruise through the Caribbean.

Their marriage lasted 18 years and they had two children, David and Sara, and eventually divorced in 1978.

Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips also booked a break on the Royal Yacht to sail to the Caribbean in 1973.

The honeymoon did not go as planned, as the weather was stormy and the waves were high 20 feet high, which almost stopped the trip, especially since the royal duo was suffering all the time from the sea roundabout severely.

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Prince Charles and Princess Camilla

However, the decline in bad weather enabled them to enjoy a bit of sunshine in the world-famous Caribbean before the trip to the Galapagos Islands.

The couple had two children, Peter and Zara Phillips, who were born without titles after Mark rejected Earl, an Anglo-Saxon title obtained if the man was a nobleman.

After almost 16 years of marriage, Princess Ann and Mark announced their intention to secede and had effectively separated three years after that announcement.

Princess Anne later married Timothy Lawrence, and their marriage is still going on.

One of the most prominent royal couples who chose the Britannia yacht for honeymoon is Prince Charles and Princess Diana, who married in 1981.

The couple spent 16 days sailing around the Mediterranean, exploring the Greek islands and spending a “sun-filled” holiday.

Unlike others, Prince Charles and Princess Diana did not have a specific route in which to plan daily.

After their trip to the Mediterranean, the couple returned to Scotland, where they spent time in Palomoral with the royal family.

During their marriage, they had two children, Prince William and Prince Harry, before they announced their separation in 1992 and then divorced in 1996.

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Prince Harry and Megan Marshall with Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, Duke of York, were the last royal couple to choose to spend their honeymoon on board Britannia in 1986.

The couple enjoyed a five-day cruise in the Atlantic Ocean and explored the amazing Azores Islands in Portugal.

Sarah had two daughters, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, and her marriage lasted a decade before her divorce in May 1996 after her husband and the public were shocked by the 1992 declaration of secession.

It seems a strange coincidence that only the four couples who spent the honeymoon aboard the ship are only eventually separated.

The “curse” of the Royal Yacht Britannia will not have any marital relationship again, because the yacht stopped working in 1994.

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