What is the secret of the “red cloak” in the hands of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi?

What a secret

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Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman al-Saud and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan have both been shown a red bracelet.

The agency explained, on its Twitter account, that the Crown Prince's disclosure of the bracelet in their hands was only a sign of their support for the World Games Championship for athletes with intellectual disabilities, which will take place from 8 to 22 March 2019 in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi.

According to the news agency, the picture was taken at the end of the Formula One 2018 race, which took place in the Saudi city of Diriyah, where 22 participants representing 11 international teams took part.

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