Thousands participate in Santa Claus race in St. Petersburg


Thousands participate in a race


Thousands of St. Petersburg residents took part in the Santa Claus race, with all participants wearing the red robe and distinctive hats of Santa Claus, and running through the streets of the central city.

All participants, young and old, were walking 2 kilometers from the central palace square, where the largest birth tree was erected in the Russian capital of St. Petersburg.

The popular event is being organized for the third year in a row, with participants donating money before joining the race, while thousands of people gather on the sides of the roads to watch the big race.

If someone can not be in the race arena, they can register and participate online, by running the same distance elsewhere, coinciding with the start and end of the Christmas race, provided that the contestant wears the GPS tracker, so that the organizer will be sure of the reality of his participation in the race. .

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