Syria responds strongly to McCron's statements on normalization with the “Assad regime”

Syria responds strongly to McCron 's statements on normalization with

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Syrian Foreign Ministry

The Syrian Foreign Ministry responded to French President Emmanuel Makron's statements about normalization with Damascus, saying that it was only a confirmation of Paris's continued failed policy and advised him to focus on his internal affairs.

“The statements made by the head of the French regime today on Syria were not strange,” the Syrian foreign ministry said in a statement issued Monday evening by an official source. “This is a confirmation of the continuation of the failed policy pursued by the successive French governments towards Syria and inspired by the black legacy of colonization and enslavement of peoples. “He said.

The ministry stressed that “McCron talks about the political process is an attempt to wash his hands of the blood that was shed in Syria because of his country's subversive policies. He provided all forms of support to terrorist groups and described his country's foreign minister as a supporter of the revolutionaries and contributed to aborting political initiatives to find a solution to the crisis in Syria. Lacks credibility because it speaks of a political process with Western colonial characteristics that contradict the interests and aspirations of the Syrians. “

The ministry stressed that Syria “is not interested at all to have any kind of relations with a state that contributed to the terrorist aggression and stained hands with the blood of the Syrians, and McCron's remarks reflect the sense of bitterness defeat because of the failure of the conspiracy against Syria.”

The Syrian Foreign Ministry stressed that “it was first of all the head of the French regime stripped of the legitimacy of the people to devote their energies to address the crises that afflict his country at home instead of interfering in the affairs of others.”

The statement came in response to McCron's statement during a joint press conference held today with his Egyptian counterpart, Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, on the trend towards normalization with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime.

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