Tea protects against breast cancer

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Tea protects against breast cancer


Oolong tea

Scientists at St. Louis University have discovered that oolong tea extract can stop the growth of all types of breast cancer.

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Exciting study: green tea may cure cancer!

The scientists studied the effect of green tea and oolong tea on breast cancer cells. They found that the tea extract could stop the growth of cancer cells in the breast, while black tea did not.

Scientists assert that oolong tea and green tea break down DNA and inhibit the growth of malignant tumor cells. These findings confirm that in China's Fujian province, home to Oolong tea, 36 percent of breast cancer patients have less than the rest of China's provinces.

Scientists also note that those who eat oolong tea have a 68 percent lower risk of breast cancer and an early death risk, according to Anticancer Research.

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