Anti-corruption protests hit Kuwait


Anti-corruption protests hit Kuwait

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KUWAIT CITY (Reuters) – Calls to protest in Kuwait for political reforms and a sit-in on Wednesday opened in the capital's al-Irada square.

The former MP in the Kuwaiti parliament, Saleh Al-Mulla, said on Tuesday in a tweet on his account “Twitter”, that “the completion of the legal procedure for the vigil from the capital and public security building,” pointing out that “the date of the stop will be at seven local time from Tomorrow evening. “

Al-Mulla published the text of the notification to the Capital Governorate and its director of security, stating in its content that “the Constitution guarantees the right of peaceful assembly to demand his rights,” and that “the request came to spread corruption in state institutions, so it was decided to establish a silent vigil.”

Earlier, a prominent Kuwaiti politician and former member of the Shura Council Nasser al-Duwaila, in a series of tweets that Mullah called for a sit-in and raise the slogan “Mkht”, explaining that the slogan touches the feelings of all Kuwaiti people towards the feuding government with itself and with the interests of the country and the citizen, as described .

Al-Duwailah announced that he joined this call to practice what he called the right of peaceful protest against the government.

The Kuwaiti politician criticized the government, pointing out that it was two years ago in the case of weightlessness and imbalance, and that the people are tired of the gloom and schizophrenia suffered by the state.

Hashtag activists were launched #Bas_Meskhat On Twitter, to demand reforms after the spread of corruption in the National Assembly, they said, as Kuwaitis refused to “hint” to impose taxes on citizens, considering it a measure would face “take to the street.”

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